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EcoFlow Wave Portable Air Conditioner 4000 BTU

Brand: Ecoflow SKU: EFWV-50058007-UK

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Product Code:EFWV-50058007-UK

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    4000BTU Cooling Capacity of 1200W
    Noise level <55dB
    Can cool a 64 sq.ft.space from 86 to 75°F in 8 minutes
    Ideal for medium-sized tents,RVs,or small rooms.
    Sustainable Charging
    3 hours of straight cooling with the add-on battery (fan and cooling modes can be mixed to extend runtimes).
    12 hours of straight cooling with DELTA Pro.
    Charge Wave Via up to 200W of solar panel
    Single Ventilation Duct & Mount Dual Ducts
    Smart Controls & Customization.
    Press of the mode button or you can switch between the two dial options.
    You can control and even automate operations at a distance using the EcoFlow app. (Both Bluetooth & WiFi control are supported).
    Car Charging : 200W, 12V/24V, 8A Max
    AC Charging : 700W
    Add-on Battery Power: 600W
    Solar Charging Input: 200W, 11-35V, 12A Max

    1. Blasts out 4000BTU’s worth of Cooling.
    2. 1008Wh Add-on battery

    1. Inverter Compressor
    2. Can Run for 3-12 hours Depending on the battery you use

    1. Provide Fastest Cooling.
    2. Offers Longest Running Time


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